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Lithium Battery Conversion Packages

Convert your lead-acid battery system to a more advantageous, high-tech Lithium battery array. A1 Custom Golf Cars is using RoyPow lithium battery packs (preferably the 51 volts 56 ah and 105 ah).  

Compared to lead-acid batteries, Lithium batteries:

  • Require NO maintenance and NO water
  • No corrosion – not even on cables
  • No acid spillage or fumes
  • Lower cost in the long run
  • Can be used with any golf cart – regardless of brand or model
  • Weigh about 350 pounds less
  • Lighter weight allows higher speeds and longer range
  • Carry more weight and handle the hills
  • 100 to 200 amp hour cells are available for heavy applications and even longer driving ranges
  • Work with any 36, 48 or 72 volt system, without modifications to the cart’s electrical drive system
  • Longer life: In excess of 2,000 charge / discharge cycles, compared to 300 – 500 cycles for lead acid batteries

 Roy Pow Lithium Battery

Conversion Package Information

In Shop: Lithium Battery Conversion to 72 Amp Hour: $3,299.00.

In Shop: Convert 36 Volt system to 48 Volts: $5,000.00.

Prices Include Core Exchange

New Cables $35.00

Sales Tax Not Included



We can ship a complete Conversion Package for $4,000.00,
which is about a $2,000.00 savings.

Each package includes:

  • Battery Conversion Instructions
  • Lithium Cells
  • Charger
  • Controller
  • Solenoid

Call for Warranty details: 760-779-4777 so we can answer any questions.

 Cutting Edge Lithium Battery Technology


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