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Lithium Ion Golf Car Batteries are changing the golf car world for the better. We’re breaking down what makes them so great, and why you should spend a little bit extra to get a set for your golf car.

A1 Custom Golf Cars Inc. has been converting Lead Acid Battery golf cars to Lithium Battery since 2013.

EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha now all offer their cars straight from the factory with Lithium Ion batteries. Yes. And while these manufacturers still offer golf cars with traditional deep-cycle Lead Acid batteries, we see that getting phased out in the coming years.

What makes Lithium batteries so much better for use with golf cars than traditional flooded lead-acid batteries that have been used for decades? A battery is just a battery, right? WRONG! Lithium batteries are absolutely more amazing in every way when compared to lead-acid batteries. And while lithium golf car batteries might cost a bit more up front, they are totally worth it.

We will explain why in this short article, and by the end of it you will be teaching (and converting) your entire fellow golf car buddies to lithium batteries!

What makes Lithium Ion Golf Car Batteries so great?

Fully Charge in 2-3 hours (vs. 8-10hrs for traditional Lead-Acid batteries)

They live longer (3x - 5x longer) than traditional golf car batteries

They are light! (reduce battery weight of your golf car by 300lbs = more efficient)

Require No maintenance (no adding water, cleaning corrosion, or checking acid levels)

Lithium-Ion batteries do not lose power as voltage dips (they don’t get ‘tired’ as they are used)

5 year warranty on the Lithium Battery  vs 1 year warranty on the Lead Acid Battery

1. Lithium Golf Car Batteries Charge Up Faster than Lead Acid Golf Car batteries.

For example, once a traditional golf car has spent its energy and run out of charge, it takes roughly eight hours (on average) to recharge back to full power. Lithium batteries can be recharged up to 80% of max capacity in just one hour, and fully charged in only 3 hours.

2. Lithium Golf Car Batteries Last 3x – 5x Longer than Traditional Golf Car Batteries

Lithium batteries last longer, because the lithium battery chemistry increases the number of charge cycles the battery can handle. The average lithium ion golf car battery can charge 3,000 to 5,000 cycles in its life vs. the average lead-acid battery charging just 1,000 total cycles.

3. Lithium Batteries Substantially Reduce the Weight of Your Golf Car

Lithium-ion batteries (72 lbs.) weigh just 1/4 the weight of traditional Lead-Acid batteries (325 lbs.). So when you convert your golf car to lithium, your cart will lose 300 lbs. in weight. This major weight reduction will make your golf car faster, more “fuel” (battery) efficient, and increases your ride height a bit (from ½ inch to 1 inch).

4. Lithium Golf Car Batteries Require NO Maintenance (Zero)

Batteries don’t require any maintenance. No more filling with water. No more corrosion. This is a HUGE selling point for those who use their golf car commercially (hotels, concert venues, etc.). The switch to lithium means you no longer have to maintain your golf car batteries. Just charge them, and go!

Another thing to note in regards to maintenance is what happens to your electric car when you are not using it? When you don’t use your traditional Lead-Acid golf car batteries for 1-month, they will lose up to 33% of their charge (substantial)! Meaning if your golf car were to sit for just a few months, it would not work when you went to use it again.

Lithium batteries on the other hand will only lose 2-3% of their charge per month when not being used. Meaning your golf car could sit for an entire year and still have 75% of its battery left.

5. Lithium Batteries Don’t Lose Power as they Lose Charge

Traditional Lead-Acid golf car batteries “get tired” while you are using them. As they heat up and lose charge during your drive, they also lose total power (meaning your golf car goes slower, and has less torque the lower your battery charge level is).

Lithium ion golf car batteries work at full power all the way until they are fully discharged (just like your cell phone). This means that even if your golf car has 10% battery left, it will still have full power, speed and torque all the way down to 0% charge.

Should I make the switch to Lithium on my golf car? If you already need to replace your batteries, the short answer is: Yes, absolutely. But if your current batteries are working fine, there is no urgent need to switch. But there are many benefits to making the switch; so we would suggest you weigh the benefits of lithium outlined above to decide if they are worth replacing your Lead-Acid batteries with.

6. Are Lithium Golf Car Batteries Safe?

Yes. LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) is one of the safest battery chemistry available. And all of the brands that we carry on our site manufacture batteries that have a battery management system in each battery to detect any problems with the performance of the battery and shut down any cells not functioning properly. This battery management system will also protect the batteries from any over-charging or under charging of the batteries. Both FedEx and UPS have approved lithium golf car batteries for both air and ground shipping.